3 Micron Cotton Wound 316 S/S Core Filter


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1025CW3ss is a 3 micron Cotton String Wound filters.

100% Premium bleached cotton wound sediment filter.

The WF-3C-9.75s filters are suitable for temperatures of up to 130°C

316 stainless Steel centre core for strength.

Idea for filtering Tea Tree oil as they do not break down like other filters.

Suitable for food grade applications.

Excellent for water, oils and organic solvents.

These filters fit all standard 10″ filter housings. Suitable to use as a single filter or as a pre-filter in twin systems. Removes dirt, rust, algae etc…

High flow rate and excellent dirt holding capacity.

Filter size 248mm x 65mm with a 28mm inner diameter

Can replace DCCTA-1 Micro Wynd 3, AK200005671, Keno and Filtafine filters.




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