Filter Carbons for Taste Odour & Colour

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Clarence Water Filters has a range of activated coal and coconut carbons to suits most air and water purifying applications.

Coconut GAC Granular Activated Carbon is used for removing chemicals and other impurities used in most drinking water filters for domestic and commercial applications.
It is also the best choice when home brewing spirits to remove oils and any bitter taste to make a smooth and great tasting spirit.

Silver impregnated GAC is used to inhibit bacterial growth in the carbon and is widely used on non-chlorinated water supplies like rain water tanks or other untreated water supplies.

ORC is a Catalytic highly activated carbon which is used to remove Chemicals along with Hydrogen Sulfide odours (rotten egg gas) from water. Also used on town water supplies that have Chloramine which is a mixture of Chlorine and Ammonia.

TRC is a coal based activated carbon used to reduce Tannins which is colour or stained water caused by leaves or clay that would normally travel through standard filters. The TRC carbon is also used to remove TPH Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons.

2mm activated coconut carbon pellets used water and air purification. Ideal for small screen air filtration and excellent for refilling respirators to remove vapours and odours. Also used in low pressure or gravity water filtration to improve flow. Used to remove chemicals, taste and odours in water filters for drinking and can be used for fish tanks.

4mm coal base activated carbon pellets used for air and water purifying. Ideal for range hoods to remove odours and smells. Also used in industrial air cleaning systems to remove fumes from spray booths etc.. Used in water filtration to remove a range of contaminates and high flow filtration situations to minimise flow restriction.

4mm KOH impregnated coal based carbon pellets. Has a high capacity for removal of acid gases such as hydrogen sulfide. COL-IK 60 is a popular choice for the removal of sulfide-rich odours typical of municipal sewage treatment, pulp and paper mills, and refineries etc.. Can be used in vent filters and screens on septic tanks, waste water holding tanks on boats. The 4mm diameter size allows for good air flow.