Brita Purity Water Filters Professional and Commercial

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Brita Purity C Quell ST and Brita Finest Fresh and A1000 AC water filters. Purity c50 and Purity C150 Quell ST filters are ideal for home office or small cafe and coffee shops, while larger volume users and customers in hard water areas can use the Brita Purity C300, C500 and C1100 to increase the capacity of the filter system. As a guide hardness below 140ppm is regarded as soft. Moderate range of hardness is up to 210ppm and above is considered as hard water. It is very important to know your total hardness to be able to determine the service life and capacity of the filters. Water hardness test kits are available. To bring out the full taste and flavour in Coffee and Espresso’s, impurities need to be removed or reduced. In soft water areas where chlorine and taste and odours need to be removed the A1000 AC and the C50 Fresh filters are used on drinking taps and fountains. Just contact us if you need help selecting a filter system.