20″ x 4.5″ Pleated Sediment & GAC Carbon Filter Set for Town Water


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Big Blue and Big White replacement Filters  for the Large Twin Whole of House Water Filter Re-usable System on Town Water Supplies.

The first stage of the filter is a 2045PW5 pleated washable 5 microns sediment filter which will reduce sediment, rust algae etc. Nearly all suspended sediment that comes through town water is reduced with a 5 micron filter.

The second stage is a 2045GAC granulated carbon filled canister, ideal for whole of house or where a high flow rate is needed, residential or commercial. It will reduce Dirt, Rust, Algae, Sediment, Chlorine. Chemicals, Bad Taste and Odours.

Filter dimensions are 510mm H x 117mm W

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