20″ x 2.5″ 0.45 Micron PP Pleated Filters PFSA2-0045DOE20E


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0.45 Micron pleated PP polypropylene 20″ x 2.5″ filters. PFSA2-0045DOE20E

PP polypropylene multi-layer pleated depth filter cartridge. Partial and bio burden reduction.

Applications include, clarification of beer & wine, sparkling wine, fruit juices, spirits and the bottled water industry.

Double Open End Filter with a sealing washer at each end of the filter.

0.45 Micron pleated PP polypropylene 20″ x 2.5″ filters. PFSA2-0045DOE20E  (508mm x 70mm) Suits standard 20″ filter housings and cluster housings.

0.45 Micron pleated PP polypropylene 495mm filters. PFSA2-0045DOE20E (495mm x 70mm) Suits cluster housings or can be used in standard housings with a 13mm bottom spacer or seal.

EPDM ends seals

External cage allows these filters to be back washed and reused.

Rated at 0.45 Absolute

Maximum temp 80 degrees C

Other microns and sizes are available on request.

Replaces the SPN2-0004.5B

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