3M SLC-120-1C RV Snap Seal Water Filter


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3M SnapSeal SLC-120-1C RV Filter .

The Snap Seal Filter is a double action filter reduces Dirt, Sediment and Chemicals, Chlorine, Bad Tastes & Odours, Cysts including Cryptosporidium & Giardia.

The SLC-120-1C filter is made by 3M and labelled with a different part numbers and will suit the following brands and systems, SLC-120-1, SLC-122, Freshly Squeezed Water stage 1 and GAC, Clearwater QPS05 QVS2000D

Made in the USA by Cuno 3M rated 5 micron carbon filter.

Capacity 12 months, depending on water quality.

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.

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