40050 10-40w UV Lamp Ballast Suits Standard 4 Pin Lamps



Germicidal Lamp Electronic Ballast Controller model 40050 suits 10-40w 4 pin UV lamps.

240V 3 pin plug power lead and 1 metre of lead to ballast.

Standard 4 pin lamp socket with earth wire and flat plastic end cap with 1 metre of lead from ballast to lamp.

Suits SLT20-SLT40 systems as well as UV guard and FSA systems.

Part number 40050

The 40050 power supply with count down meter suits systems that use the standard 4 pin lamps from 10 watts to 40 watts.

max current 0.2A @ 240v. lamp current 0.39 – 0.43A

Dimensions of the metal base 210mm long x 75mm wide x 52mm high

Lamp type GPH212893T5 [11030 Lamp in SEW 30W Systems]

When the 40050 UV power supply is connected to a UV lamp ,switched on and operating normally, the red digital screen will initially display ‘365’ indicating 365 days of rated lamp life remaining. The green LED will also be illuminated indicating the UV lamp is operating. The red digital display will decrease each day until the screen reaches ‘0’ and the end of lamp life alarm is activated.

If the UV lamp fails the buzzer will sound on and off at 1 second intervals, the red LED will be illuminated and the remaining lamp life will stop counting down. These features will remain until the lamp is replaced and the ballast re-set. The ballast operating days will continue to count up while there is power to the ballast.

When lamp life reaches 0 the display will show “A3”, the red LED will flash and the buzzer will sound on for 1 second and off for 5 seconds.

The end of lamp life alarm can be deferred four times for a period of 7 days, to allow time to order and replace the old lamp with a new lamp. To defer the alarm, press and hold the “S” button for 5 seconds until the screen displays “dELy” then release the button and the lamp life will be re-set to 7 days and there will be no audible alarm but the Red Light will be flashing and the “A3” will be displayed. The ballast will count down from 7 to 0 days and the alarm buzzer will start again. This deferring of the end of lamp life alarm can be done 4 times. After the fourth time the buzzer cannot be stopped until the lamp is replaced and the lamp life re-set.

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