52″ Filter Media Vessel and Valve



52″ x 12″ filter media vessel with back flush valve.

Fibreglass tank with screw-in manual back flush valve with 1″ pick up tube and strainers.

Polyethylene inner shell.

1″ inlet and outlet ports.

Capacity 93 litres.

Maximum pressure 10.5 bar or 150 psi

Complies with all requirements of P.E.D 97/23/EC

Maximum Vacuum 140 mmHg Neg pressure.

Dimensions are 1460mm (including valve) x 300mm

It is recommended to have a one way valve installed after the vessel to prevent back flow and negative back pressure in the vessel which may cause damage to the vessel. It is also a good idea to install a shut of valve before the vessel to make servicing easier.


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