AP10X2-PS5-SDPhos Scale Reduction Twin System



AP10X2-PS5-SDPhos Two stage water filter and scale reduction system for hard water or water supplies high in Calcium. Stops Calcium scale built up & staining problems.

First stage is a 1025PS5 sediment filter, reduces dirt, rust, algae etc…

Second stage is a 1025SDPHOS 100% Polyphosphate anti scale filter. The Polyphosphate filter is a very slow dissolving Polyphosphate that will last up to 2 years depending on water quality.

Ideal to connect in line before any commercial equipment and hot water units as this system will protect equipment from scale build up.

For the highest contaminate removal flow rate of 2 – 3 Lpm, but can be used on slightly higher flow rates for some applications.

Double 10″ heavy duty housings on a White Steel mounting bracket. 3/4 Bsp female threads on inlet and outlet ports. (3/4 bsp is 25mm across) Sump spanner included.