Bacteria Treatment for Tank Water to make Safe Drinking Water Micropur MP50000

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Neutral in taste and prevents the growth of germs & bacteria also stops the development of smells in drinking water tanks and pipes.

The Silver Ions cling to the cell walls of micro-organisms and hinder their growth.

Conserves drinking water for up to 6 months and inactivates bacteria in drinking water. Ideal for rainwater tanks, caravans, boats and any where water is stored.

Micropur Classic MP50 Drinking water treatment. Treats 50,000 litres.

Not recommended for uncoated aluminum.

Easy to use simply add the required amount of granules in water then stir in by circulating the water. Wait 2 hours before consumption, now your tank is safe to drink.

How long ago did your tank have a bacteria treatment?

Another way to sterilize your water is with a UV system, see below for a few options

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