BC10Z Silver Impregnated Carbon Block Filter for Tank Water Supplies 1 Micron


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BC10Z Reduces Giardia cysts & Cryptosporidium Quality filter Australian Made filter.

1 Micron Silver impregnated carbon block Bacteriostatic filter. Reduces Cysts, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Chlorine, Chemicals, Trihalomethanes, Dirt, Rust, Bad Taste & Odours for clean, safe and healthy great tasting drinking water.

These filters are excellent at stopping bio film from coating the filter which coats lesser quality filter cartridges and causes flow reduction and bacteria to grow in the filter cartridge.

The CWF-CVM-BC10Z filters will replace many part numbers, Raindance, Cuno, CC1-10-C , Alpine C240Z 1 Micron

BC10Z filters fit all standard 10″ filter housings.

248mm (9 3/4″) x 67mm

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.

Better value alternative filter made in the USA is the GTS1-10


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