CWF-SPF-68260 & CWF-XUN10-68260 Filter Set suit Sure Seal Systems


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CWF-SPF-68260 sediment filter & CWF-XUN10-68260 replacement filter set.

Suits Raindance UDNY-K20M & FX-250/750 housings using the double o-ring top sure seal filters.

The first stage filter is a 3 micron poly spun blue cap sediment filter twin o-rings CWF-SPF-68260

Second stage is a 1 micron carbon block filter twin o-rings CWF-XUN10-68260

Dimensions of filters are –

Length – 210mm (excluding Double o-ring nozzle)

Nozzle length – 25mm

Overall Length including nozzle – 235mm

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.

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