DA29-00012B-P Samsung Fridge Filter Substitute Aqua Blue DA29-00012AWF


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The Aqua Blue DA29-00012AWF filter has now replaced the discontinued Samsung DA29-00012B fridge water filter used in Samsung Quarto Cooling Convertible Fridges.

Aqua Blue DA29-00012AWF is an excellent alternative to the DA29-00012B and DA29-00012A replacement filters by Aqua-Pure Plus.

The filters are found on the ceiling inside the fridge, to remove the old filter lift the plastic cover lid and push in on the end of the filter. The filter will eject slightly with a clicking sound, pull the old filter out. Push the new filter in until it until it clicks and locks in position.

Dimensions are 298mm overall x 52mm across

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.

These filters are used in the DA97-03175A & B systems.

These filters replace the following part numbers:

DA2900012A, DA29-00012A, DA2900012-A, DA2900012B, DA29-00012B, DA2900012-B, DA97-03175A, DA97-03175A-B, DA97-03175B, HAFCN, HAFCN/XAA, SGF-DSA21, SR-752QDUS, TRU541, TRU541-HAFIN3, TS48DLUS, 5950910, 5090149