Fast Acting Polyphosphate Scale Inhibitor 20mm Balls

$39.00 $25.00


Polyphosphate scale inhibitor 20mm Balls sold per Kg.

100% polyphosphate granules are idea for reducing and inhibit scale build up caused by hard water and Calcium.

Reduces the effect of Calcium  and other minerals by coating the pipe and boiler surfaces which reduces the ability to join bond together. 

The ball size is 20 mm and dissolves over time.

Polyphosphate is ideal for protecting hot water systems, pipes and catering equipment etc..

The polyphosphate is food grade and safe for drinking water applications.


Polyphosphate can be combined with carbon if required.


We sell a range of empty filter cartridges that the polyphosphate can be used in.

Polyphosphate 20mm Balls are Sold by the Kg

Life of the Phosphate will vary depending on local water conditions and usage.

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