FibreBlock Omnipure ELF-XL-10M-P SB with Scale Inhibitor and Lugs


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New and improved flow FibreBlock 10 Micron Omnipure ELF-XL-10M-P SB 

The FibreBlock filters are far Superior over standard carbon blocks. 

Ideal for the food service industry to protect catering equipment from Chlorine and scale. 

The ELF-XL-10M-P SB FibreBlock filter can replace any filter cartridge that fits into a Everpure QL1 and QL2 head or the white plastic ELF heads.

See below to view the ELF and Everpure heads that can be purchased if you want to convert away  from other brand filter systems.

Made in the USA.

10 Micron reduces Sediment, Chlorine, Chemicals, Bad Taste & Odours.

Built in Scale inhibitor phosphate is ideal for coffee machines, steam ovens etc..

Dimensions: 80mm x 445mm

Capacity: 56,700 Litres

Flow Rate up to: 7.5 LPM

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.

Will not fit Zip or Pro 1500 series.

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