Fluoride & Chloramine Carbon Water Filter AMB/10


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Aquametix® AMB/10 Reduces Chloramines, Fluoride. Heavy Metal and VOC’s down to 1-2 microns.

Does not contain Active Alumina. 

Made in the USA

Reduces the following contaminates and many more impurities for water.

Fluoride up to 92% at 1900 litres

Chloramines up to 99% at 13300 litres

Chlorine up to 99%

Lead up to 99% at 13300 litres

Heavy Metals up to 98%

Pharmaceutical Componds up to 95%

VOC’s up to 98% VOC’s are volatile organic chemicals including Pesticides & Herbicides & Insecticides and a range of other Chemicals.

Approximate cartridge lengths 248mm x 72mm

Data Sheet CFC AquaMetix DOE Carbon


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