1kg MB240C Mixed Resin



1 kg bag of MB240C Resin.

Mixed resin for demineralizing water to remove TDS Totally Dissolved Solids.

MB240C is a high capacity mixed bed ion exchange resin consisting of a mixture of a gel, Type I strong base anion resin and a gel strong acid cation resin for direct purification of water.


It is suitable for use in vessels or filter cartridges, for deionization with high silica removal efficiency and refine water.


Can be used in any equipment that uses demineralizing resin beads. Can be used in Laurastar Aqua Refills, demineralisation granules.

Approximately 725g to the litre.

Typical Physical & Chemical Characteristics

Polymer Structure

Gel polystyrene crosslinked with DVB

Functional Group : Cation




Ionic Form, as shipped

H+ / OH

Physical Form And Appearance

Spherical Beads


95% min.

Screen Size Range

— U.S. Standard Screen

16-50 mesh, wet

Particle Size Range

+1.2 mm < 5%, -0.3 mm < 1%

Volume Ratio (as shipped)



50% BC121

50% BA700

Total Exchange Capacity,

Cation (in sodium form)

Anion (in chloride form)

2.0 eq/l min.

1.4eq/l min.

Water Retention, H form

OH form



Shipping Weight (Approx.)

700-740 g/l (44-46 lbs/cu.ft)

Temperature Limit :

Non-regenerative bed

Regenerative bed

100°C (212°F) max.

60°C (140°F) max.

pH Range



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