Omnifilter Shower Soft SF100 Shower Filter System

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Omnifilter Shower Soft SF100 Shower Water Filter Reduces Chlorine and other Contaminants from your Shower water.

Easy to Install (no Tools Required) and will leave your Hair and Skin feeling Softer and Cleaner.

Studies have shown that Chlorine in Shower Water is a Major Health Concern. Your body absorbs more Chlorine in the Shower than it does from drinking it.

Protect yourself and Your Family from the dangers of Chlorine in your water. This Omnifilter Shower Soft SF100 The KDF filter media used in the filter reduces 99% of Chlorine as well and rust and Sediment from your water.

Rated at 10 Micron Rating.

Flow Rate – 9.5 Litres Per Minute

Filter Life – 113562 litres or 1 Year (sealed filter non refillable)

Dimensions 127mm x 70mm

½” Female inlet with rubber o-ring seal and ½” Male outlet

Screws straight onto the wall and your shower arm screws onto the outlet side. Suits most standard shower roses and arms.

The filter can be turned around using the ½” socket supplied to back flush the filter every 3 months or as required to reduce sediment and improve performance.

Also known as SF-100-S-05

(shower arm and rose not included)

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.

Interested in learning more about shower water filters? Read our blog post: Reasons Why You Need A Shower Or Bath Water Water Filter.

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