Omnipure ELF-XL-10M-P Water Filter with Scale Inhibitor


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10 Micron Omnipure ELF 10M P Quick connect Replacement Water Filter. 

Ideal for the food service industry.

Omnipure made these filters and any companies relabel them with their own part numbers and some times put a small keyway lug in the heads. Some of the filters and systems that the ELF-XL-10M-P filters can replace are, Boema XQS-20, WFS QC3323P, QC Coffee Pro, CD200ctg for CD20 and CD30 systems, Also suits ICE series including: ICE1005 and ICE2105, Grant FF1.5-FF15, Grant FF1.2E-FF3E

The ELF-XL-10M-P filter can replace the filter cartridge if you have a QL2 head or the white plastic head were the small lugs can be removed.

Made in the USA.

10 Micron reduces Sediment, Chlorine, Chemicals, Bad Taste & Odours.

Built in Scale inhibitor phosphate is ideal for coffee machines, steam ovens etc..

Dimensions: 80mm x 445mm

Capacity: 56,700 Litres

Flow Rate up to: 7.5 LPM

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.

Will not fit Zip or Pro 1500 series.

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