Low Flow Rate Portable In Line 5 Micron Filter with Brass Click On Hose Fittings




10POH5M / 10 POH 5M Ideal portable in line water filter for caravans with a low flow rate.

5 Micron granular activated carbon in line filter will reduce Dirt, Rust, Algae, Chemicals, Chlorine, Bad Taste & Odours for clean and healthy drinking water.

Click on brass hose fittings make it ideal for filling up your van tank or in line to the sink.

Great for just filling big water bottles as well.

For best performance run at a flow rate of 2Lpm can run up to 15Lpm but Chemical reduction will reduce.

Capacity of 6000 Litres depending on water quality. 6 to 12 months

Max pressure 125 psi NSF 42 tested.

Cable ties supplied with filter Dimensions are 250mm long plus fittings x 50mm diameter.

Fittings can be screwed out and reused.

Filters are a available with or without the two screw in fittings in the product options.  

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