RainWatch Tank Water Filter




RainWatch rainwater tank filter is the best way to clean and filter water before it enters a rain water tank.

Harvesting rainwater collected from your roof is becoming an essential asset which can save you lots of money.  

The triple layer fine membrane filter pad in the RainWatch filter extracts particles before they are able to become tank sediment, which not only increases the quality of the rainwater, but also reduces the hassle of cleaning your tank.  

Without a pre tank filtration, dead insects and bird droppings will eventually find their way into your rainwater tank where that will further decay, compromising the quality of your stored water.

Rainwatch has the added advantage of being able to remove and stop insects from entering your tank.

The Rainwatch filter is designed to work as a complimentary system to all current rainwater catchment systems.

Its low pressure flow cycle always remains in service and is easy to clean. The filter’s canister easily unclips by hand allowing accessible cleaning of the entire filter while the filter pad can be machine washed (if required) in cold water.

It is recommended that your filter be cleaned every 3-6 months and the filter pad be replaced every 3 years depending on the volume and frequency of rainfall and the level of exposure to contaminants.

Filters down to 50 micron.

It is recommended for the clear system to covered to reduce the possibility of algae growth in the system.

Full black systems are also available on request.

Rainwatch doesn’t require an additional gradient toward the tank (ie, a downward slope) and will accommodate a roof area up to 100m2 per filter in moderate rain fall.

Proud Australian made product by well known Doust Plumbing Products.

2 Year Guarantee backed by Doust Plumbing.

System Includes:
RainWatch Filter
First Flush Device
Brackets & Fixings
Filter Pad

For more information click on the RainWatch Installation and Maintenance Guide.pdf

Whilst the Rainwatch Filter has the ability to remove most airborne contaminants and microscopic particles, the product is designed to be an addition to current rainwater systems, not a replacement. Yes is can improve the drinking quality of rainwater, but Doust Plumbing Products recommends that the RainWatch Filter is used in conjunction with a UV filter close to the point of use to ensure the healthiest consumption quality of rainwater possible.

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