RO Membrane Flushing Flow Restrictor




Inline Flushing Flow Restrictors.

Used on the waste or drain line after reverse osmosis membranes to control the flow of waste water and to put back pressure on the membrane to produce pure water. When the lever is across the restrictor is in normal operating mode and the centre hole is reduced to a small hole.

When the lever is inline with the restrictor the water is allowed to flow at the full rate to flush the membrane of contaminates that may be trapped. By flushing your membrane every 3 months for a few minute’s you can pro long the life and performance of the membrane.

1/4″ Female Bsp inlet and outlets

The flow restrictor must match your membrane to operate correctly and any other flow restrictors including the drain in tube capillary type must be removed.

200 suits 20-36 GPD membrane

400 suits 50-75 GPD membrane

If a smaller restrictor is used you must flush more often and removal rates may vary.

1/4″ Bsp Female inlet and outlets.


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