SLC-230-1C Snap Seal Water Filter

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SLC-230-1C Snap Seal Filter.

The Snap Seal Filter is a double action filter reduces Dirt, Sediment and Chemicals, Chlorine, Bad Tastes & Odours, Cysts including Cryptosporidium & Giardia.

The SLC-230-1C filter is made by Cuno and labeled with a different part numbers and will suit the following brands and systems, Snap Seal, SLC-230-1-REC-1, SLC-230-1C-REC1 or SLC-230-1-Rec1, Jayco RV water filter, 52007, GT4-69, BU0.5, Biopure, GCWF Seies 1000, Freshly Squeezed Water, FCSL2, Snap lock, RVF0.5, JAYCORVWF, Clearwater QCB005 QVS2000D and some Parbury models. 28.10.0026

Made in the USA by Cuno 3M NSF 42 amd 53 rated 0.5 micron carbon filter.

Capacity up to 8000 litres or 12 months, depending on water quality.

Flow rate 5 Lpm

245mm long including bayonet end x 75mm across.

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.

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