Twin Under Sink Fluoride Water Filter Systems




QMP1/4TUS American Made quality housing system complete with tap and fittings for easy installation.

The twin under sink system is the most popular system as they take standard size filter cartridges that will always be available in the future and you have a range of filter and tap options to choose from. Twin systems are also excellent where there is a high water usage. 

All the systems below will offer you convenient great tasting water on tap in your own kitchen and you will never have to boil your drinking water again with these systems. Reduces Dirt, Mud, Slime, Algae, Fibres, Toxins, Solvents, Pesticides, Herbicides, Chloroform, Chemicals, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Fluoride and may more contaminants.

Complete with easy to read installation instructions and all fittings needed to install.

Twin QMP housings on a Steel mounting bracket with quick connect push in tube fittings. Installation kit contains cold water supply connection for joining into your 1/2 inch S/S braided cold water line. A shut off tap for servicing. Inline pressure limiting and non return valve, 3 metres of 1/4″ high pressure tubing which will allow you to mount the system away from the sink cupboard. System can be standing up or on laid down if high is a problem. Thread tape and housing spanner are also supplied. If you require different fittings just contact us.

In the tap options you can choose between the Standard filter taps that only need a 12mm hole through the sink or bench top or use a all in one 3 way tap that can replace your existing hot and cold mixer tap to fit existing 33mm Hole Cut-out Diameter. Simply click on the taps option to view all the available taps

As a guide it’s recommended to replace filters every 2000 litres or 6 to 12 months depending on your water quality. Dimensions of housings including bracket are 350mm high by 255mm wide without the fittings.

If your water supply has a lot of sediment then a triple system with an extra sediment filter as the first stage is recommended.

Filter combinations and options are

Option 1: FL051 & WC04. The first stage FL051 activated alumina Fluoride filter attracts the Fluoride reducing over 90% even after 1900 litres of water. The second stage WC04 Multipure 0.4 micron carbon block filter reduces chlorine bad taste and odours, heavy metals.

Option 2: BC10Z  & FLRX 1025Char The first stage BC10Z is a 1 micron silver impregnated carbon filter. The second stage is a FLRX 1025Char filters use a special blend of carbon char to reduce up to 80% of Fluoride. Ideal for low pressure or water supplies that have Bio Slime and holiday homes where the system may not get used everyday.

Option 3: DFX-CB-10 & AMB/10 The first stage DFX-CB-10 is a sediment & carbon filter. The second stage is a AMB/10 Fluoride, Chloamines and Heavy Metal Reduction cartridge. It reduces up to 92% of Fluoride and 99% of Chloramines.

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