X6-R Pure Tec PureMix X6 Cartridge


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X6-R Puretec Water Filter suits the PureMix X6 System

If you have high sediment on tank water or if your X6-R filters are not lasting long due to dirt and getting clogged up we would recommend the new X7-R filters. See the X7-R filters below.

Suits the Everpure QL2 System Head.

The X6 systems incorporate the most advanced water filtration technology.

Water passes through the 4 stage filtration process with no bypass. The Radial flow design ensures maximum contact time with contaminants for maximum efficiency.

Quick and easy installation

Substitutes – HiFlow EV9870-01 2E2321

Reduces – Sediment, dirt, sand, silt, rust, algae and other particles filtered down to 0.5 micron including Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts.

Taste, odour, chlorine, chloramines and other chemicals are absorbed by the carbon block.

Heavy metals plus Lead reduction

Corrosion control – Scale and lime deposits inhibited, reducing build-up in appliances

Max flow – 8 litres per minute

Max Temp – 38°C

Max Pressure – 860Kpa

Micron Rating – 0.5 micron

Capacity – 37500 Litres (approx)

Length – 325 mm   Width – 100 mm

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save 



Stage 1
• Removes the finest particles
• Clarifies the water
• Removes sediment, rust, sand, silt & algae.
Stage 2
• Chlorine and Chloramine reduction
• Eliminates bad taste and odours
• Removes Cysts
• Chemical pesticides & Sulphur Reduction
Stage 3
• Lead Reduction
Stage 4
• Anti-Scaling Protection
• Protection against hardness i.e. Calcium & Magnesium
• Corrosion Control


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