Omnipure Water Filters

USA made Omnipure water filters have been around for a long time and offer customers high quality filters at an affordable price. Omnipure also have a range of retrofit or generic water filters to suit other brands. Omnupire have a filter for just about every application. CK and L series filters push up and turn to lock in place and have two O-rings seal at the top. The CL, K and the SCL filters are in-line filters and come in a range of fitting options. The ELF and E series filters are a bigger capacity filter that have the two O-rings on the top and can replace a large range of other brand part numbers. The Q series has no O-rings on the filter, the seals are in the head and seal as the filter is screw up into position. The OMB DOE range of filters are double open end type of filters that fit into a filter housing sump. If your filter looks like any of the Omnipure filters but has a different part number just contact us and we will advise you.