Bench Top and Tap Mounted Water Filters and Parts

Bench top or counter top water filter purifiers are ideal for people on the move or renting as they are easily fitted onto kitchen taps and spouts. A bench top water filtration unit will give you the same quality water as a more expensive under sink systems. No plumber is needed, simply remove the aerator from your mixer tap or spout and attach the diverter valve. Adaptors are available if your tap has an internal threaded or is a plain spout without a thread. The diverter allows the hot and cold water to travel straight through the valve for washing up and when you need filtered water simply turn on the cold water and turn on the diverter valve so the water is then sent to the water purifier and comes out the filter spout. Bench top water filters can remove Dirt, Sediment, Chlorine, Fluoride, Bad taste, Odours, Heavy Metals, Bacteria, Cysts, Bugs and many more contaminates making your drinking water safe and healthy. You can even make your own bottle water which will save you lots of money. If you need help in choosing the right system for your needs, just contact us at Clarence Water Filters for great advise.