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Water Chillers and Coolers

Looking for a water chiller or water cooler that produces delicious, safe and clean water? Look no further, Clarence Water Filters has got you covered.

We are one of Australia’s leading stockists of water chillers and water coolers. Our business also stocks filter bottles for water dispensers and water cooler replacement parts including water cooler taps.

Types Of Water Chillers and Coolers

There are several styles of chillers available, including:

Bottle Water Coolers (Refillable Water Coolers)

This type of cooler has a receptacle that accepts refillable water bottles like the SF3B or commercial water jugs.

The water runs from the bottle or jug into an internal reservoir as it is needed. They are a great option for when a water outlet is not available nearby or you prefer a refillable water cooler.

Plumbed In Water Coolers

Plumbed in chillers hook up to a standard 1/2″ water outlet. The water outlet supplies the cooler with a constant supply of water, so you never need to fill or replace a water bottle.

Water filtration can be placed on the incoming water line using ‘inline’ water filters (more on those below).

Floor Standing Water Coolers

These are tall units designed to stand on their own. They are ideal for reception areas and offices where people walk up to the unit to refill a cup or a drinking vessel.

Floor standing water coolers are available with bottles (B26C) or as plumbed in (D5C).

Bench Top Water Coolers

Bench top water coolers are compact units designed to sit on top of a counter. They take up less space compared to a floor standing cooler while maintaining the same reservoir size.

A very useful option for a kitchen or office space where a benchtop is available. They are particularly useful for when there isn’t enough floor space available for a standard chiller.

Hot/Cold Water Dispensers

A hot/cold water dispenser has an additional reservoir which is used to heat water. It will have two taps on the front, so people can choose hot or cold. Some units will have a third tap for room temperature water.

Hot/cold water dispensers are available as bottle units (Floor Standing B26CH and Benchtop SB5CH) and plumbed in point of use units (Floor Standing D5CH).

Under Sink Water Coolers

Under sink water cooler units connect to a standard 1/2″ water outlet and chill water before sending it up to a dedicated drinking water tap located on top of the sink or a counter.

They are a fantastic out-of-sight and out-of-mind option which works well in both kitchens and offices.

Our most popular option is the IC8 Remote Undersink Water Chiller (C12E). It is usually installed with an inline water filter kit which cleans all of the incoming water before it reaches the chiller.

This type of unit can be installed with a single tap that produces chilled water or a dual tap which produces chilled and room temperature water.

Water Cooler Filters Australia

Clarence Water Filters is one of the largest suppliers of water cooler filters in Australia. We stock several types of filters commonly used in chillers and coolers including:

Inline Water Filters For Water Coolers

Inline filters work with plumbed in units which have a constant water supply. They are designed to filter all of the incoming water before it enters the water chiller.

There are several options available but the most popular is the 10JG5M External Inline Water Cooler Filter, which can be inserted into any 1/4″ water line. It’s an American made filter that does a wonderful job of removing contaminants and improving the taste of water.

If you don’t have any filtration or tubing installed, you could use the POU Water Cooler inline filter installation kit. It comes with all of the components you need to begin filtering your water.

Bottle Water Filters

If you are using a refillable water bottle on top of your chiller like the SFB3, you can use a water bottle filter like the LB-JS05.

This filter sits between two segments in the water bottle. Unfiltered water in the top section drains through the filter into the bottom section of the bottle. It is then used to replenish the filter as needed.

Internal Water Filters

Internal water filters sit inside of the chiller itself. The most popular option is the AN1, which filters water just before it reaches the reservoir.

Water Chiller and Coolers – Manufacturers

Our business works with a number of reputable manufacturers including:

WaterWorks Australia

Founded in Brisbane in 1986, Waterworks Australia is one of the largest distributors of water dispensers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim. They sell high-quality water coolers, dispensers, filters and accessories.

Aqua Cooler

Aqua Cooler is an Australian-based drinking water cooler and industrial process water chiller supplier. Located in Brisbane, Queensland they are an innovative company which stocks well made products. We stock several filters compatible with Aqua Cooler systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Water Coolers Filter Water?

Yes, if a water filter is installed.

Most water bottled chillers will have an filter that sits inside the bottle, like the LB-JS05 or inside the chiller, like the AN1.

If your chiller is a plumbed in unit, it may come with an inline filter that sits on the incoming water line.

If you don’t see a filter, you can always install one. Just give us a call to discuss the options.

Is Water cooler Filter Replacement Easy?

Yes, it is.

In most cases, replacing a water cooler filter is a simple task which takes less than a couple of minutes.

Inline filters are particularly easy to change. You’ll just need to turn the water supply off and release the pressure in the filter before undoing the plastic hosing using quick release fittings.

The new filter is installed and flush for 5-10 litres before being ready to go. It can’t get much easier.

Are Waterworks Coolers Suitable For Commercial Environments?


The products offered by Waterworks use high-quality Korean components, which are extremely durable and energy efficient.  They partially assemble and fully inspect their products in Australia so can apply strict quality control procedures.

Cooler rental companies will often use products made by Waterworks as they know they are robust and reliable enough for commercial locations.

The quality of their products also means they can offer 3 year warranties on their water chillers and coolers.

If you’d like to learn more about water coolers, please contact us at or give us a call on 02 6646 8565.