3M Cuno

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3M Cuno Water Filters

3M Cuno is one of the world’s leading suppliers of water filters. They offer a wide range of premium quality residential and commercial water filtration solutions

We sell the full range of 3M Cuno water filter systems, genuine 3M replacement water filter and accessories including:

  • 3M Cuno Coffee Machine Water Filters
  • 3M Cuno Undersink Drinking Water Filter Systems
  • 3M Cuno RV Water Filters
  • 3M Cuno Caravan Water Filters
  • 3M Cuno Aquapure Whole Of House Filters
  • 3M Cuno Scale Reduction Filters
  • 3M Cuno Pressure Limiting Valves
  • 3M Cuno NEP Filter Heads

Why Choose 3M?

3M Water Filters are premium products which produce water of incredible quality. They use high-quality components which are robust and designed to last years.

3M filter systems feature innovative systems like the Quick Change Filter NEP Head. Cartridges can be changed without turning the water off, which makes maintenance a breeze.

The company’s size and reach means that finding replacement filters will never be a problem. 3M products can be found in virtually any water filter and hardware store in Australia.

The 3M suite of water filtration products is very diverse, which means it is simple to find a product that suits your specific water filtration challenges or preferences.

About 3M Cuno

3M is an American multinational conglomerate corporation which sells products in the fields of water filtration, health care, heavy industry.

They produce more than 60,000 products including water filters, adhesives, laminates, passive fire protection, abrasives, electronic circuits, healthcare software and personal protective equipment. They have a reputation for providing water filtration products of the highest quality.