3M Aqua-Pure AP917HD-S Sediment, Chemical and Scale Filter suits AP904


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AP917HD-S replacement cartridge for 3M™ Aqua-Pure™ AP904 whole of house filtration systems used in hard water areas.

The 3M™ Aquapure AP917HD-S replacement filter cartridge dramatically improves water quality by reducing sediment, scale, chlorine, taste and odour.

Sediment screen filters down to 5 Microns.

Activated carbon removes chemicals and taste and odours.

Scale inhibitor help reduce scale build up in pipes and appliances.

Rated at 5 Microns

Flow rates up to 37.8 Lpm

Reduces sediment, chlorine, taste & odour and scale

Easy cartridge change

Watermark certified to ensure consistent trust and peace of mind.

3M AK200126907

3M™ Aqua-pure™ AP917HD-S Features

  • An Incredible Improvement to Water Taste/Odour
    The Aqua-pure™ AP917HD-S will reduce contaminants which negatively impact the taste, odour, and appearance of your water. It will help you obtain water that is clean and enjoyable to consume.
  • Filters 100% of the water entering your home 
    The 3M™ Aqua-pure™ AP917HD-S cleans contaminants from all of the water entering your home. Not only will your drinking water be better, you can have more enjoyable showers, cleaner clothes, and less scale formation.
  • The Best Option For Scale Reduction In Areas With Hard Water
    The AP917HD-S is a wonderful option for anyone living in locations with hard water, like South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia or the Northern Territory. It will dramatically reduce scale build-up, protecting appliances like dishwashers, coffee machines, and combi ovens.
  • High Flow Rates Suitable For Busy Homes and Businesses
    The 3M AP917HD-S replacement filter cartridge will support flow rates up to 75 Litres per minute. This means you can have multiple showers, taps, and appliances running while still enjoying a fine level of filtration.
  • Removes Sediment Effectively 
    This filter removes sediment down to 5 microns. To give you an idea of how fine this is, the human eye cannot see sediment particles at 20 microns or lower. Removing sediment will prevent staining of clothes and can reduce corrosion of appliances. It also makes your water more visually appealing and stops staining of white surfaces.
  • Easy cartridge change system
    One of 3M’s™ most exciting innovations is the Sanitary Quick Change System. It allows users to replace the water filter in their whole of house filtration system as easily as changing a light bulb. All you need to do flick a locking clip, then rotate the filter until it comes out. Waterflow from the unit is automatically shut off.  There are no o-rings, valves, or complicated pipework to worry about — and you won’t need a plumber to change filters (making 3M™ whole of house systems a great way to save money).
  • Watermark Certified
    The 3M Aqua-pure AP904 and 3M™ Aqua-pure™ AP917HD-S are both Watermark certified. This means they comply with strict Australian standards and are safe to use.

3M™ Aqua-pure™ AP917HD-S Specifications

  • Nominal Micron Rating: 5 Microns
  • Chlorine Reduction Capacity: 378,000 litres (up to 12 months)
  • Max Flow Rate: 37.8 Lpm
  • Operating Temperature: 4.4-38ºC
  • Operating Pressure: 172-862 kPa
  • Fittings: 1″ NPT Female
  • Dimensions: 63.7cm H x 11.43cm W
  • Model Numbers: 3M AK200126907

Please note: If you live in an area which sometimes has high levels of sediment in the water, we recommend pre-filtration with a 5 micron sediment filter.


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