CK5505-P Omnipure Sediment and Scale Only Filter


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The Omnipure CK5505-P reduces Sediment, Dirt, Rust and does not remove chlorine or odours.

These filters are ideal where you need to retain the chlorine but need to reduce dirt and sediment to clean the water and protect coolers or equipment.

The CK5505-P also has scale inhibitor to reduce scale build up from forming.

This filter that can replace the following filters and systems.

AP8112, CFS8112, CFS8812, CK5620, BGC2200, AC-QAP8R, Birko 1311052, CFS-517, CC-QAP8R Filters. 

The CK5505-P is a Replacement Filter that will fit the AP8000 filter systems.

Filter life – 12 months 

Length – 285mm x width – 70mm which maybe longer then some of the above mention filters.

Made in the USA and only use ANSI/NSF tested Standard 42 materials.

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.


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