Water Filter Systems Kits and UV Sterilizers

Clarence Water Filters in Australia has a water filtration and purification system for all applications. We have a extensive range of systems that can provide healthy safe clean pure water. Make your own bottled water with one of our drinking water filters for bench tops or under the kitchen sink in the home, office and workplace can save you lots of money. These types of purifiers can remove Dirt, Rust, Chloramine Chlorine Bad Taste and Odours, Fluoride, Hard water Scale, Heavy Metals, Copper, Bacteria and Cysts Parasites and many other contaminates. Shower and Bath filters will remove Chlorine smell and vapors with will help reduce Eczema, dry irritated and itchy skin, damaged and brittle hair, flaky-itching scalp, redness and burning of the eyes. Portable Caravan RV and Camping water filters that click inline on the hose are a great way to ensure water quality. Larger filtration and water treatment systems for Dams and Rivers or Streams, Rainwater Tanks filters to remove Sediment, Algae, Low pH corrosive acidic water, Stained or discoloured water from Tannin’s, over spray or fallout chemicals. Under sink and whole of house Ultra Violet germicidal UV water sterilizers for treating non potable or non chlorinated water supplies will safe guard you from Bacteria, Viruses, Mould, Yeast and Parasites. Washing Machine water filters to remove dirt & sediment as well as chemicals. Water softening water filters to reduce scale build up caused by hard water. TDS spot free deionizers purifiers for window cleaning and car detailing to remove the minerals to stop those white spots. We have available water filtration systems and replacement cartridges for drink dispensers, coffee machines, ice makers, cappuccino machines, steam combi ovens and commercial equipment used in the hospitality and food service industries.