Water Filter Systems Kits and UV Sterilizers

Water Filter Systems Kits and UV Sterilizers

Clarence Water Filters has a water filtration and purification system for all applications.

We offer an extensive range of systems that can provide healthy safe clean pure water.

This includes:

  • Whole house water filters
  • Bench top water filters
  • Under sink water filters
  • Inline water filters
  • High flow water filters
  • Caravan water filters and much more.

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What Does Each Type Of Water Filter System Do?

Here is a short run down on the intended use of each water filter system.

Bench Top and Under Sink Water Filter Systems

Make your own bottled water with one of our drinking water filters for bench tops or under the kitchen sink in the home, office and workplace can save you lots of money.

Bench top systems are one of the most affordable and easiest to install options. They simply screw onto a tap spout in your kitchen or laundry. Whenever you need filtered water, you just flick a level on a diverter, then collect water from the filter system. It couldn’t be easier.

These types of purifiers can remove Dirt, Rust, Chloramine Chlorine Bad Taste and Odours, Fluoride, Hard water Scale, Heavy Metals, Copper, Bacteria and Cysts Parasites and many other contaminates.
View bench top water filter systems or under sink water filter systems.

Caravan RV and Camping water filters

Drinking filtered water will help you stay healthy on your next trip around Australia.

We offer several styles of Caravan and RV water filters including:

  • Inline point of entry systems which are attached to the income water hose. They filter all of the incoming water before it enters your caravan.
  • Point of entry cartridge style systems which use standard 10″ DOE filters. They can provide an even finer level of filtration and improved sediment reduction.
  • Point of use systems which sit underneath your sink and filter your drinking water only.

We have a wide range of filter options for these systems, including filters for sediment reduction, chemical reduction, scale reduction, and bacteria reduction.

View Caravan and RV Water Filters

Coffee Machine Water Filters

Do you have an expensive coffee machine? Protect your investment by installing a coffee machine water filter. It will remove rust, sediment, chlorine and other chemicals from the water supply, improving the taste and odour of your coffee and protecting your coffee machine. Most importantly, coffee machine water filters will reduce scale build-up in your coffee machine, protecting it against blockages and damage. Coffee Machine Water Filters

Drink Dispenser Water Filters

We have available water filtration systems and replacement cartridges for drink dispensers, coffee machines, ice makers, cappuccino machines, steam combi ovens and commercial equipment used in the hospitality and food service industries. Drink Dispenser Filters

Rainwater Tank Water Filters

Rainwater Tanks filters to remove Sediment, Algae, Low pH corrosive acidic water, Stained or discoloured water from Tannin’s, over spray or fallout chemicals. View Whole of House Systems For Tank Water or Under the Sink Systems For Tank Water. We also sell Calcite Systems for treating acidic water.

Shower and Bath Filters

Shower and Bath filters will remove Chlorine smell and vapours with will help reduce Eczema, dry irritated and itchy skin, damaged and brittle hair, flaky-itching scalp, redness and burning of the eyes. Checkout out Shower and Bath Filters

Spot Free Car Washing Systems

TDS spot free deionizers purifiers for window cleaning and car detailing to remove the minerals to stop those white spots. Check out Spot Free Car Washing Systems

Under Sink Water Filters and Fluoride Removal Filters

As the name suggests, under sink filter systems are designed to sit under your sink.

Our most popular option is a QMP twin system with 10″ x 2.5″ filters. Easy to install and very effective. We also have 3M, Everpure, and Omnipure under sink systems, which are incredibly effective at contaminant reduction.

Dedicated Drinking Tap Vs High Flow Under Sink Filtration

A high flow under sink water filter system is designed to connect directly to your existing tap and water outlet using 1/2″ braided stainless steel lines. They can support flow rates up to 6 litres per minute. They are simple to install and don’t require a dedicated drinking water tap.

There are only two downsides associated with using a high flow system. The first is that they cannot achieve ultra-fine filtration. The second is that 100% of your cold water is filtered, which means you are using filter capacity whenever you rinse a dish with cold water. This can shorten your filter’s lifespan.

Under Sink water filter systems with a dedicated drinking water tap require the use of a second tap or a three-way tap (which does both filtered/unfiltered water). They can use finer filters, which have a slower flow rate. This includes products like the WC04, a 0.45 micron filter which can remove heavy metals, chloramines, chlorine, and many other contaminants. Ideal for when you need a finer level of filtration.

The only downside of systems with a dedicated tap is that you either need to install a second tap or use a three way tap.

UV Systems

Under sink and whole of house Ultra Violet germicidal UV water sterilizers for treating non potable or non chlorinated water supplies will safe guard you from Bacteria, Viruses, Mould, Yeast and Parasites. Check out our UV Systems For Water Filtration

Washing Machine Water Filters

Washing Machine water filters to remove dirt & sediment as well as chemicals. Water softening water filters to reduce scale build up caused by hard water. Take a look at Washing Machine Water Filters

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Help Me Find The Right Water Filter System?

Absolutely! We have a friendly team who are eager to help customers find their ideal water filter system. Just give us a call or send an email.

Use the links above to browse the Water Filtration Systems we stock. If you need any assistance, please contact us via email sales@clarencewaterfilters.com.au or give us a call on 02 6646 8565.