Low pH Water Neutralising Calcite System



Whole House Calcite Filter

Low maintenance pH neutralising Calcite vessel system suitable for whole of house filtration.

Helps bring low pH water supplies back into a neutral range.

Low pH water is often called acidic water.

Neutral pH range is 7 to 7.5 pH

Acidic water can cause copper pipe corrosion and the tell tails signs are green staining on hand basins, baths, toilets and in showers.

Acidic water and high copper levels are a big concern to your health now and in the long term.

Rain water is often acidic and this combined with the storage of the water in lined tanks and poly tanks does not help to bring back the pH reading.

If your pH is below 5.4 pH you will need to add a pH booster to get the pH level above 5.4 to allow the Calcite to bring the water to a neutral state.

Please contact us if your pH reading is below 5.4 and we will be able to customise a system to suit your requirements.

The system does not need any power to operate as it is a simple natural process of the low pH water running through the calcite media which brings the pH to neutral.

The large media vessel is required to allow the water a longer contact time in the media to achieve flow rates up to 40 LPM of continues flow.

The system includes

52” x 12” vessel and head with 1” inlet and outlet ports

Brass non return valves and screwed brass union fittings for the inlet and outlet sides. (This makes servicing the system easy and to prevent back flow)

1 x 20kg bag of bottom under bed gravel

3 x 20kg bags of Calcite media

Depending on your water quality and volume of water used to the life span of the calcite media. As a guide you might need to top up the system with 1/2 a bag to 1 bag of calcite per year. Making the system very economical to run.

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