SofterWater™ T12 Whole House Hard Water Softener (Small Home/Apartment)


The SofterWater™ T12 is an inline water softener which improves water quality and reduces scale build-up. Australian-made product designed for 9 to 18 LPM. Ideal for small 1 to 1.5 bathroom homes with 2-3 occupants, units, apartments, and offices.


SofterWater™ T12 Inline Whole House Water Softener. Reduces the hardness of all water entering your home. The T12 is designed for smaller homes, apartments, units, or offices with 1 to 2 bathrooms and a flow rate of between 9 to 18 litres per minute.

100% designed and manufactured in Australia
, the SofterWater™ T12 will dramatically improve the quality of your water, protecting your appliances from damage and improving your quality of life. 

What Does It Do?

Groundwater from natural water sources contains dissolved minerals and salts. The higher the level the ‘harder’ the water.

If your water is hard, it can create a variety of issues in your household.

The most serious issue is limescale build-up. Limescale is a hard mineral crust that develops on hard surfaces when dissolved minerals precipitate out of the water. Limescale is unsightly and can damage plumbing fixtures, taps, and shower screens.

Having hard water also makes it more difficult to form a lather from soap and detergents. This makes showering a less enjoyable experience and makes it harder to clean your clothes effectively.

The SofterWater™ T12 is an inline water softener designed to treat the water coming into your home, reducing it’s hardness and addressing these common issues.

It works using a patented process which changes the electrical charge of dissolved minerals in the water. This change forces the molecules to bond together in colloids. The newly formed colloids remain suspended in the water instead of forming scale.

By reducing scale build-up, you can protect your appliances and plumbing from damage and ensure they continue to work efficiently.

Water treated by the SofterWater™ T12 behaves like it is softer. This means it will be much easier to form a lather, so showering is a more enjoyable experience and your skin/hair will be softer. Clothes will also come out cleaner from the washing machine, as your laundry detergents will operate more effectively.

The best part — this process does not involve any chemicals and does not require electricity. Once installed, the SofterWater™ T12 will last for many years, if not decades.

Comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty (See manufacturer website for details).

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SofterWater™ T12 Inline Hard Water Softener – Features

  • Inline water softener for small homes, apartments, units, and offices
  • Flow rates (Litres per minute): Minimum 9 L/min, Average: 12 L/min, Maximum 18 L/min.
  • Standard 3/4″ Male/Female connections. Designed to be plumbed into a standard copper lines.
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • NO Maintenance Costs
  • NO Chemicals Required
  • NO Electricity Required
  • Does not change the taste or appearance of your water
  • Can break down existing scale in your pipework and appliances, as the charged colloids can attract molecules from existing limescale.

SofterWater™ T12 Hard Water Softener – Manufacturing Process

This is an Australian designed and Australian made product, built to a high standard. Watch the video below to see how it is made.

SofterWater™ T12 Inline Hard Water Softener – Key Benefits

  • Protects Your Appliances and Pipework From Damage
    Scale build-up from hard water can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing fixtures and water consuming appliances. It has been shown to dramatically shorten the lifespan of appliances by working its way into boilers, solenoids, switches, water lines, and other internal components. By reducing scale build-up, you can protect your water heater, coffee machine, dishwasher and other appliances for years to come. Tapware and plumbing is also protected, which can save you from expensive plumber call-outs.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency 
    By reducing scale build-up on heating elements, you will make it easier for appliances to reach correct operating temperature. This can reduce the energy usage of hot water systems and other appliances in your home – leading to substantial savings.
  • No More Scrubbing
    Say goodbye to spending hours scrubbing limescale from your hard surfaces and tapware. Any mineral build-up that occurs will be soft and easy top remove with a standard bathroom cleaning product.
  • Softer Water Which Isn’t As Harsh
    Hard water can have a severe drying effect on the skin and hair. By change the form of the minerals in your water, you can reduce this impact and enjoy much softer skin/hair. Your clothes will also come out of the washing machine much softer.
  • Easy installation
    Any plumber can install the SofterWater™ in a matter of minutes. If you have some DIY knowledge, you could even install it yourself.
  • Less Soap and Shampoo Required
    By making it easier to form a lather in the shower, you won’t need to use as much shampoo or soap. This can lead to substantial savings over the course of a year.

SofterWater™ T12 Hard Water Inline Softener – How It Works

  1. SofterWater™ units are made using a special foundry process, combining a group of metals on the anode and cathode galvanic scale. This alloy has a non-sacrificial anode, which means it will never need replacement.
  2. As water flows into the unit, it moves through a series of baffles causing intense galvanic reactions.
  3. Most of the minerals in the water are attracted to the sites of these reactions, forming clumps which remain suspended in the water instead of forming scale.
  4. Any scale that builds-up is much easier to remove as it does not form as a hard crust.

It’s important to note that each SofterWater™ unit is designed for a specific flow rate range. The SofterWater™ T12 is designed for small homes, apartments, offices and units where your flow rate is typically between 9 and 18 litres per minute.

If you need a larger unit for a faster flow rate, let us know.

SofterWater™ T12 Hard Water Filter- Specifications

  • Model: SofterWater™ T12
  • Country of origin: Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Thread: 3/4″ BSPP Female Threads
  • Overall Length (mm): 112
  • Housing: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Flow range: 9 to 18 L/min
  • Application: Designed to protect appliances
  • Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty. See manufacturer website for details.

SofterWater™ T12 Hard Water Softener – FAQ

What Type Of Locations Is This Designed For?

The SofterWater™ T12 is designed to work for properties with a flow rate of between 9 to 18 litres per minute. 

This makes it ideal for homes or offices with a single kitchen and 1.5 to 2 bathrooms. However, it can also be used on individual appliances which have a flow rate within this range.

If you have a 2+ bathroom home or water consumption often exceeds 18 litres per minute, the SofterWater™ T18 might be a better choice. There are also larger units for big homes, offices, factories, and manufacturing facilities with higher water consumption requirements.

Do I Still Need A Water Filter?

Installing a water filter is completely optional. If you are concerned about chemicals and sediment in your water then additional filtration will be required. 

If you are concerned about other contaminants, consider adding a Whole House Water Filter onto your incoming water. They will remove sediment and chemicals from 100% of the water entering your home. This means you get to enjoy clean water in your laundry, shower, and kitchen.

Shower water filters can also be attached to your shower media which reduces sediment, chlorine, and bad taste/odour. They can be used to supplement a softener to improve the quality of your water even more. An example of this type of shower head is the Sprite Shower Water Filter.

Does The Showersoft Require Any Maintenance?

No it doesn’t.

One of the main advantages of this technology is that there are no filters or filter media to worry about.

Once installed, you can expect to get many years, if not, many decades of use from it. The alloy and stainless steel housing are resistant to corrosion and very robust.

Does The Internal Alloy Ever Need To Be Replaced?

No, it doesn’t.

The special alloy contained within SofterWater™ hard water conditioners is not a sacrificial anode, which means it does not corrode or lose molecules over time. This means it will technically be capable of lasting for decades.

In fact, there are commercial softening units installed by SofterWater™  over 20 years ago which are still effective today.

Will It Affect My Flow Rate?

No, it will not impact your flow rate as long as you select the appropriate unit for your water usage. 

Look at the your average/maximum flow rates for each item and compare them to the usage within your home or water consuming appliance.

SofterWater™ Hard Water Softeners – Testimonials

Hi Earl

I did realize how easy the scale remove.

I was working outside town this week and last night shower was amazing (in my own shower).

This SofterWater Conditioner is really amazing!”

– One small believer

“Well I am surprised. Quite frankly I had grave doubts — but here is what I have observed since installing your SofterWater Conditioner. As you know we are in rural Thailand.

Our well water delivered significant “lime deposits” which despite extensive “water softening” equipment would quickly block shower heads (one or two months) — coat tiled shower walls with scum — and make the shaving mirror in the shower opaque with deposits in about one week. Every week I would use an acid based cleaner and a nylon scouring pad to clean the mirror so I could shave. The shower walls were cleaned the same way.

I installed the SofterWater Conditioner aprox. March 2012 and immediately noticed that the mirror requires almost no cleaning whatsoever — simply a light wash over with water each few weeks or so. This amazes me!

I installed a new shower head (old one 70% blocked) at the same time as I installed the SofterWater Conditioner and now after 10 months — there has been no sign whatsoever of any scale blockage — no lime scale build-up in 10 months . None!

The tiled shower walls show very little scale or scum build up. Cleaning has been reduced by at least 80% — probably more.

I simply wanted to advise you of what I have found using the SofterWater Conditioner — and to thank you — a great product.”

– Rex Russell


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