Bath Filter with Spout Sprite Solid Brass Chrome Plated High Output for Chlorine Removal

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Sprite Bath Filter, highest quality Solid Brass Chromed Bath Filter with 12 month Filter Cartridge.

These filters are top of the range in shower and bath filters, unscrew the outer casing to replace the high output filter cartridge. The filters are slightly smaller than the standard plastic filters but they take the same replacement filter. The bath filter replaces your fixed spout. The bath filter has a swivel spout so it can be turned out of the way once the bath has been filled.

Internal filter can be turned around to back flush sediment out and prolong the filter life. It is recommended to turn filter around every 3 months. Replacement filters are the Sprite high output cartridges that reduces chlorine for enhanced chlorine protection in addition to reducing hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell), iron oxides, dirt, sediment and odours.

It’s also pH balanced which will reduce green staining in showers that is caused by pH being to low or high. Filter media is KDF Chlorgon which makes this a long life filter.

Reduce symptoms of chlorine exposure like Eczema, dry irritated and itchy skin, damaged and brittle hair, flaky-itching scalp, redness and burning of the eyes, dizziness after bathing. In a shower the chlorine is vaporized and inhaled into the lungs where it is transported directly into the blood system and transported throughout the body.

Recommended filter replacement is 12 months.

Chrome filter casing is 150mm including the spout to the swivel spout (spout is an extra 165mm) Filter is 70mm in diameter.

1/2″ female inlet.

Chrome cover backing plate supplied that will cover the tile cut out.

Unscrew your spout from the 1/2″ fitting on the wall. Fit the chrome cover plate over the 1/2″ thread coming out of the wall then screw on the bath filter and fit the swivel spout to the outlet side of the filter. The Shaw & Mason laundry arm Chrome 150mm Wels 3 Star 9 L/min T17081


1 review for Bath Filter with Spout Sprite Solid Brass Chrome Plated High Output for Chlorine Removal

  1. Stacey Brown

    Shipping was extremely fast!!! Got this to get rid of that chlorine smell when having a relaxing bath and it is amazing. Not only is that nasty smell gone, my skin and hair feel so much softer. would highly recommend this product and this company. Customer service was very friendly, good to see a trustworthy business.

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