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About Clarence Water Filters

Clarence Water Filters is a family-owned business based in sunny Yamba, NSW.

We have been in operation for almost 20 years, sending water filtration systems and replacement filters to customers Australia-wide.

Our business employs 7 local staff members and works in partnership with dozens of other Australian small businesses.

When you buy products from Clarence Water Filters, you are supporting a small, family owned, Aussie-owned business.

We aren’t Amazon, Aldi, Bunnings, Coles, or Woolies — we have no shareholders or foreign investors, so all profits are re-invested in local families and the Australian community.

Our mission is simple:

To help our customers enjoy clean and safe drinking water in their homes and businesses – at an affordable price.

If you’re not sure which water filter you need just contact us for some friendly advice and expert knowledge to help customers on their filter selection.

You can also check out our blog for free tips and information on various water filtration techniques,

Our Products

Clarence Water Filters is the best place to buy replacement water filters online in Australia and New Zealand.

We carry a huge range of replacement drinking water filters to remove dirt, chlorine, fluoride, bad tastes & odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), disinfection by-products, and many other contaminants. Our business stocks a huge range of:

  • Sediment filters
  • Carbon filters
  • Filters for Coffee and Espresso machines
  • Combi oven filters to reduce scale build up
  • UV water treatment filtration systems
  • Replacement Ultra Violet Lamps and Ballasts
  • Whole of house water filters to remove dirt and sediment as well as chlorine
  • Under Sink and Bench Top water filters for home kitchens, work places and offices that can remove a wide range of contaminates including heavy metals
  • Shower and bath filters to remove chlorine.
  • Portable water filters for Travelling, Camping, Caravans and RV.

We also carry Commercial and Domestic filter housings, water filtration systems and replacement filter cartridges for Town water or Tank rainwater.

Caged back-washable pleated filters or PP filters Nominal and Absolute rated for beer brewing, wine, bottled water and a range of commercial applications to protect machines and equipment.

We stock most brands of water filters including:

All with super fast Australia-wide delivery.

Please browse our shop to find the water filter that you need or use our search feature to search by type of water filter or brand name.

If you need any help just phone us on 02 6646 8565 or send an email message to sales@clarencewaterfilters.com.au or fill out the Quick Contact format the bottom of the page.