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About Clarence Water Filters

Clarence Water Filters is a family-owned business based in sunny Yamba, NSW.

In business for over 20 years, we have sent thousands of water filtration systems and replacement water filters to customers Australia-wide.

Clarence Water Filters employs 9 local staff members and works in partnership with dozens of other Australian small businesses.

When you buy products from us, you are supporting a small, family owned, Aussie-owned business.

We aren’t Amazon, Aldi, Bunnings, Coles, or Woolies — we have no shareholders or foreign investors, so all of our profits are re-invested in local families and within the Australian community.

Our mission is simple:

We strive to help customers enjoy clean and safe drinking water in their homes and businesses – at an affordable price.

Our focus is quality, value, and customer care. 

Our Commitment to Quality

Another one of our core beliefs is that quality matters. That’s why the majority of our products are from the United States, United Kingdom, and Taiwan. Countries with high manufacturing standards. 

We prefer to stock products from reputable companies that are known for making high-quality products — even if it costs us more to buy these brands. 

The logic is simple. High-quality products make our customers happy.  They enjoy higher quality water and reliable filtration systems. That’s why they return to us whenever they need replacement filters or a new water filter system. 

Free Advice  

If you’re not sure which water filter you need, just contact us for free no-obligation expert advice. 

You can also check out our blog for free tips and information on water filtration systems, water filter media and ways to resolve common problems.

You’ll also find some product reviews and recommendations for dealing with the contaminants commonly found in Australian water.

Our frequently asked questions page answers common questions, but please get in touch if you can’t find the answer you need. 

Our Products

Clarence Water Filters is the best place to buy replacement water filters, water filter systems, and water filter housings in Australia and New Zealand. 

We carry a huge range of replacement drinking water filters to remove dirt, chlorine, fluoride, bad tastes & odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), disinfection by-products, and many other contaminants.

Our most popular products include:

Caravan and RV Water Filters

Protect your health and make your trips around Australia more enjoyable by installing a caravan water filter system. It will purify your water, giving you delicious, safe water throughout your journey. 

We stock a wide range of portable, point-of-entry, and point-of-use water filter systems for Travelling, Camping, Caravans and RV. They include:

  • Under sink caravan water filters
  • External caravan water filters with push on hose fittings
  • Inline caravan water filters
  • UV Sterilizers for caravans and RVs
  • Ceramic caravan filters for bacteria removal
  • Caravan water hose

Click this link to view our caravan and RV water filter systems and replacement filters

Carbon filters

Activated carbon filters are designed to remove chemicals and bad tastes/odours from water.

They work by adsorbing contaminant molecules from the water as it flows through. The contaminants simply become stuck to the carbon’s surface.

The range of chemicals which can be removed by activated carbon is extensive and includes:

  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines (Ammonia + Chlorine)
  • Chemical disinfection by-products like Trihalomethanes
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers
  • Petrochemicals
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls
  • Lead and heavy metals 
  • PFAs and much more. 

If you are using a carbon block filter with a micron rating less than 1 micron, it will also reduce parasitic cysts including cryptosporidium, cyclospora, and giardia.

We always recommend a filter of this type for tank water for for treating water while travelling.  

View our range of replacement carbon filters or filter systems which use carbon.  

Combi Oven Water Filters To Reduce Scale Build Up

If you own a combi oven or steam oven and live in an area with hard water, proper water filtration is essential. You will need to reduce the hardness of the water to prevent scaling of the machine.

View our food service filter systems or talk to us today to find the ideal filtration system to protect your appliances.

Water Filters for Coffee Machines

A high-quality coffee machine water filter can make a huge difference to your daily cup of coffee. The right coffee water filter system will: 

  • Reduce contaminants which can negatively impact the taste, aroma, and mouthfeel of your coffee.
  • Protect your espresso coffee machine from abrasion damage, corrosion and scale build-up 
  • Improve your espresso machine’s ability to extract flavour from the coffee bean
  • Reduce energy consumption by reducing scale build-up on heating elements 

We stock a huge range of coffee machine filter systems and replacement filters from leading brands including Everpure™, Brita™, BWT™, Omnipure™, and 3M Cuno™.

View our coffee machine water filter systems

Sediment Filters

Sediment filters are designed to remove particulates from water. They are often used as pre-filters to protect carbon filters. Some of the particulates removed by sediment filters include: 

  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Silt
  • Rust
  • Algae
  • Other forms of sediment 

Sediment filters are simple filters which work via ‘mechanical filtration’, where the filter acts like a sieve. We stock several forms of sediment filters:

  • String wound sediment filters
    Perform well in situations where warm/hot water needs to be filtered. 
  • Poly spun sediment filters
    Have a high sediment holding capacity and excellent flow rate until they are totally loaded with sediment.
  • Pleated washable filters
    Washable filters with a large surface area. Can be washed 3-5 times to increase their lifespan. 
  • Bag filters
    Designed for extremely high flow rates and situations where very dirty water needs to be filtered. Often used in commercial/rural applications. 

View our sediment water filters

Shower and Bath Filters to Remove Chlorine

We all know that drinking clean filtered water is an important part of maintaining your health. But did you know that the quality of the water you shower water is also important?

Australian shower water can contain a chlorine, pesticides, chloramines, trihalomethanes, dissolved minerals, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

The chlorine found in shower water has the most serious impact, causing dry hair and skin. This can worsen conditions like eczema and rosacea — especially in young children and babies.

Shower filters use a mixture of KDF and proprietary filter media to reduce chlorine content and soften the water slightly.    

View our shower and bath water filters or read this blog post to learn more.  

Under Sink Water Filters

Under Sink water filters are designed to be mounted under a benchtop. These units can be installed in three ways:

  • Dedicated Tap Water Filter Systems
    A compact dedicated drinking water tap is installed on your counter top. It will dispense filtered cold water only. These types of systems can have a much finer micron rating, as they are only designed to dispense water at a flow rate of 2-3 litres per minute.  
  • High Flow Under Sink Water Filter Systems
    A high flow unit will be plumbed into your existing mixer tap using braided stainless steel lines or copper connections. These types of filters must be able to tolerate faster flow rates of 5-6 litres per minute, which can come from mixer taps. High flow systems are simple to install and are a great choice if you don’t want to drill through your counter top or you don’t like the look of a dedicated drinking water tap.       
  • Three Way Tap Systems
    Three way tapes have handles for unfiltered cold/hot water and for filtered water. A great option for stone counter tops as you can use the existing hole which is in place for your current mixer tap.

Under sink installations are ideal for any home, workplace or office.

UV Water Treatment Filtration Systems and Parts

UV sterilization systems use powerful rays of ultraviolet light to kill or incapacitate a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and algal spores.  

We also stock all of the UV steriliser replacement parts you might need including o-rings, lamps, sleeves, and water filters.

Whole Of House Water Filter Systems

UV sterilization systems use powerful rays of ultraviolet light to kill or incapacitate a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and algal spores.  

We also stock all of the UV steriliser replacement parts you might need including o-rings, lamps, sleeves, and water filters.

We also carry Commercial and Domestic filter housings, water filtration systems and replacement filter cartridges for Town water or Tank rainwater.

Caged back-washable pleated filters or PP filters Nominal and Absolute rated for beer brewing, wine, bottled water and a range of commercial applications to protect machines and equipment.

Water Filter Brands

We stock most brands of water filters available in Australia including:

All with super fast Australia-wide delivery.

Please browse our shop to find the water filter that you need or use our search feature to search by type of water filter or brand name.

If you need any help just phone us on 02 6646 8565 or send an email message to or fill out the Quick Contact form at the bottom of the page.