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Beer and Spirit Filter Kits and Replacement Filters

Clarence Water Filters is one of Australia’s leading stockists of filter kits for home brewing and distilling. Whether you are a home enthusiast or a professional distillery/brewery we have got you covered.

Beer Filters

We stock both sediment filters and carbon filters for beer.

Sediment filters are useful for removing yeast and haze from your processed beer. Perfect for making a beer that is clear, crisp and delicious.

Carbon filtration can be used to remove chemicals from your water, including chlorine, chloramines and volatile organic compounds.

It can enhance the brewing process by making your water a better environment for yeast and enzymes to flourish. It can remove certain unwanted odours/flavours from your beer which makes for a delicious final product.

Spirit Filters

Spirit filter kits containing activated GAC carbon are useful for removing impurities from cut spirits. They are a simple way to make your spirit smoother and better-tasting.

Our best selling spirit carbon filter kit is called the The Ultimate Spirit Filter Kit. It is an affordable and simple-to-use option which can dramatically improve the flavour and odour of homebrew spirits.

Beer and Spirit Filter Brands

We stock a huge range of products from leading manufacturers. Some of the beer and spirit filters we sell include:

  • Synopex Sediment Removal Filters
  • Cobetter Sediment Removal Filters
  • John Guest and DMFit Beer and Spirit Fittings
  • Aqua-pro Beer and Spirit Filter Housings
  • Pentek Beer and Spirit Filter Housings

About Us

Clarence Water Filters is an Australian, family-owned business located in Yamba, NSW. In business for almost 20 years, we have developed a reputation for excellent customer service, competitive prices and super fast delivery.

We stock a huge range of products suitable for water, beer and spirits. So if you are looking for a:

  • Beer Filter
  • Beer Filter Kit
  • Beer Filter System
  • Beer Filtering Kit
  • Spirit Carbon Filter Kit

…then contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Beer and Spirit Filters Expensive?

No, they are surprisingly affordable.

A simple inline carbon filter, which can be used to clean up your incoming water supply can be purchased for around $50(including brass push on hose fittings). It removes most of the sediment and chemicals from the water used in the fermentation process.

It can improve the fermentation process as it prevents chemical contaminants from damaging the yeast and starchy enzymes in your wort. It can also remove contaminants which might deposit a nasty flavour in your brew/spirit.

Sediment filters which remove haziness or particulates from beer/spirits start around the $80 mark.

Kits that refine the processed spirit or beer start around the $62.00 mark (without carbon).

If you are processing larger batches, we also have stainless steel housings and professional level filters from brands like Synopex, Purtrex, and Shelco. Even these pro-level filter cartridges start around the $40 mark.

For this small investment, you can enjoy a finished product that smells better, tastes batter, and looks better!

Why Filter Your Beer?

There are many reasons to filter the water you use in the brewing process and the finished beer. They include:

  • To Improve Water Quality (For a Better Wort) 
    The quality of water used in the beer making process is absolutely crucial. Filtration can you improve the quality of your water by removing chemicals like chlorine, which can damage the yeast and enzymes that develop in your wort.
  • To Improve The Appearance Of The Finished Beverage
    Fine sediment filters can be used to remove haze, yeast, and particulates from your beer. They can dramatically improve the appearance of your finished product and make it more more enjoyable to consume.
  • To Improve The Flavour  Of Your Beer
    Filtering your beer can remove undesirable chemicals and sediment particles which might impact the flavour of your beer.
  • Sterilisation
    Ultra-fine sterilisation grade filters can remove bacteria from a beer, which is normally used when packaging the end product into a keg.
  • Speed Up Production Time
    Integrating filtration can help you enjoy a clearer beer without waiting weeks or months for sediment particles to settle.

Why Filter Your Spirits?

Here are a few reasons to filter your spirits:

  • To Reduce Any Unwanted Flavours or Odours
    Cut spirits can sometimes carry unwanted bitter flavours and aromas. Running the spirit through carbon can make it much smoother and more enjoyable to consume.

What Is Beer Haze?

Beer haze refers to the particulates that stay suspended in your beer, impacting its appearance.

There are two main types of beer haze:

  1. Biological beer haze
    This refers to haze caused by living things, like wild yeast contamination or bacteria.
  2. Non-biological beer haze
    Everything else including tannins, enzymes, and sediment particles. Non-biological beer haze can fall into one of two other categories, chill haze (visible at cold temperatures) and permanant haze (visible at all temperatures).

Filtration is very effective at removing larger particulates like yeast and sediment particles, dramatically clearing up your beer.

However, in many cases it is better to reduce haze before the final filtration stage. Do so by filtering your source water, watching out for bacterial/yeast contamination, and aerating your freshly pitched wort.

Most non-biological haze issues are a result of tannins, starches and proteins. These molecules can join together during the brewing process to give the beer a cloudy look. These issues are usually caused by incomplete mashing.

What Contaminants Are Most Detrimental To Beer and Spirits?

There are several contaminants in town water which can impact the quality of your beer or spirit. They include:

  • Sediment
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Heavy metals
  • Bacteria

Fortunately, it is reasonably simple to remove these contaminants from water.

There are also water qualities which need to be balanced, like Calcium, Magnesium, and pH. Too little or too much of these characteristics can ruin a mash.