The Ultimate Spirit Carbon Filter Kit


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Home brew spirit GAC carbon filter. Have total control of the quality of your spirits with the ultimate alcohol purifier filter.

This filter system will save you time and money and your spirits will be smoother and have a much better taste.

This filter can be used to filter water to be used for in making spirits then use to filter out impurities, odours & oils from your spirits. 12.5mm ID food grade clear tubing supplied will fit onto most fermenter container taps (top feed container and tap are not supplied in kit) to gravity feed the spirit down to the black elbow at the bottom of the filter. The spirit then travels up through a filter screen then a plastic grill which holds the GAC carbon in place. The air is slowly forced out the top of the filter as the spirit fills the clear housing. The spirit then travels through the 250g’s of carbon to the top then goes through a filter pad and  filter screen before leaving the filter at the top out the John Guest quick connect white elbow fitting. The filtered spirit goes down the small blue tubing to a flow control valve. With this flow control valve you can adjust the output down to a slow drip pace allowing the longest contact time in the filter and the highest remove rate of contaminates. After the flow control valve the spirit travels down the tubing into your end product container.

Each refill of carbon will last a couple of batches before it is recommended to be replaced.

Dimensions of the clear canister only not including the fittings is 290mm x 62mm A plastic mounting clip is supplied with the filter.

A set of full user instructions are included in the kit.

The kit does not include any carbon. High quality activated coconut carbon is available in our store.

As a bonus we will also put in some filter screen so you can make your own replacement filter screens for inside the housing.

Look under Activated Carbon category on the left for the GAC carbon granules and filter screen replacements.

Replacement O-Ring: BS137

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