2kg Coconut Carbon GAC Activated Carbon Granules



2kg’s of Granular Activated Coconut Carbon 12/40 Mesh for Water Filters, Home brewers, Fish Tanks, Range Hoods & many other applications. Food Grade carbon.

Manufactured by a steam activation process produces a very high activated carbon.

Brewers carbon used in Z filters & in-line filters also can be added straight into the batch to polish still alcohol and removes odours, oils and refines your spirits.

Save money by making your own water filters to remove Chlorine, Chemicals, Bad Taste & Odours. Average mesh size is 0.425mm – 1.7mm

We sell empty filter cartridges to fit standard 10″ housings and large empty cartridges to suit Big Blue & Big White housings for bigger flow rates. These cartridges can be refilled using GAC.

Carbon can be used to remove odours from air. Used in fish tank filters to keep your tank water healthy or for refilling tank water.

Material safety data sheet Coconut GAC 12-40 ACOCL60_datasheet


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