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Water Filter Cartridge Replacement

Are you looking for a replacement water filter at an affordable price? Look no further, Clarence Water Filters has got you covered.

Clarence Water Filters is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of High Quality NSF Certified Water Filter Cartridges.

Some of the replacement water filters we stock include: 

  • Sediment water filter cartridges
  • Pleated washable water filter cartridges
  • Carbon block and GAC carbon filter cartridges
  • Replacement shower and bath water filter cartridges
  • Filter cartridges for water coolers and dispensers
  • Ice and coffee machine water filter cartridges
  • Scale reducing water filter cartridges and much more

Our mission is to help Australians enjoy water that is clean, fresh, and healthy!

Thank you for looking to Clarence Water Filters for your water filter cartridge requirements.

Replacement Water Filters For Every Application

We stock water filter replacement cartridges for whole house water filter systems, caravan filter systems, under sink water filter systems, high flow water filter systems, and more.

Whatever your requirements, we will have a water filter replacement that is suitable. 

If you are unsure which water filter cartridge replacement is needed, get in touch with us today. Our friendly team of sales consultants will help you find the correct parts for your system.

Water Filter Cartridge Replacement – Brands

We have replacement filter cartridges for most leading brands, including:

  • Zip water heater/chiller systems
  • Birko
  • 3M Cuno and 3M Aqua-Pure
  • Omnipure
  • PureTec
  • Pentair Everpure and Pentek
  • Raindance, Aqua-Pro and QMP housings
  • Aquaport,
  • Water Works and Waterways systems
  • Amway eSpring and E84/85 systems
  • Sprite shower filter
  • Doulton and Cerametix ceramic filter systems
  • Brita, Multipure, Billi, KDF and many more.

Water Filter Cartridge Replacement – Sizes

We stock water filter cartridges in most sizes including 5″, 9″, 10″ 20″, 30″ and 40″ filters, in a range of micron ratings.

Unusual or irregularly sized filters can be ordered into stock through our large network of water filter cartridge suppliers.

Standard under sink and benchtop systems use 10″ x 2.5″ (248mm x 65mm) cartridge filters. They come in a wide variety of micron ratings and different capabilities.

Non-standard 9” water filter cartridges are also available. They are much less common but also used in bench top and under sink systems.

Bayonet style cartridges are also commonly used in bench top and under sink systems. 3M, Omnipure, Aqua-Pure, and Pentair Everpure all make popular bayonet style products.

Bayonet style filters typically offer easy cartridge replacement and a more compact size.

If you are unsure which size you need, please use the Quick Contact link below or call us on 02 6646 8565.

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Water Filter Cartridge Replacement – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Us For Your Water Filter Replacement?

Here are a few reasons for choosing us for your water filter replacement cartridges:

  1. Affordable prices 
    We are very cost competitive and do our best to keep prices down.
  2. Super fast delivery
    All in stock items are processed on the same day (M-F) and sent out via one of our trusted delivery providers. We work with Aramex, Australia Post, StarTrack and TNT.
  3. Free expert advice
    If you are unsure which filter cartridge to use, just give us a call or shoot over an email.
  4. We are a family-owned business
    Clarence Water Filters is a family owned operation which was established in Yamba over 20 years ago. We aren’t a large corporation with foreign investors, so all profits go back into the Australian community.

Can You Help Me Find The Right Water Filter Cartridge For My System?


We offer free expert advice, so all you need to do is contact us via phone or email.

Our sales team can help you identify the correct water filter replacement based on your existing system, the type of water you are using, and your personal preferences.

Are Replacement Water Cartridges Expensive?

No, not at all. 

You can purchase a standard 10″ x 2.5″ sediment filter for about $7.00 while a 10″ x 2.5″ 1 micron coconut carbon block filter from our budget range costs as little as $22.00.

Given that these filters can last up to 12 months in the average household, that is only a few cents a day. A tiny investment for a product that protects your health and makes your drinking water much more palatable.

Even the more expensive America-made products like the WC04 (0.45 micron) Carbon Block are less than $50.00. That’s about 14 cents a day for a product that can dramatically improve your water quality.

What Types Of Water Filter Cartridges Are Available?

We stock several types of replacement water filter cartridges including:

  • Drop-in filter cartridges
    Drop-in filters are placed inside of a filter sump, which is screwed into a filter head. Most cartridges are double open ended (DOE) however there are also cartridges with special o-ring seals or closed ends. The most common sizes for drop-in filter cartridges are 10″ x 2.5″, 10″ x 4.5″, 20″ x 2.5″ and 20″ x 4.5″.
  • Screw-in filter cartridges 
    Screw-in filters are fully enclosed cartridges which are screwed directly into a filter head. Most of the products from 3M Aqua-pure, Water Filters Australia, Omnipure, and Brita have this form factor.
  • Inline water filter cartridges
    An inline water filter cartridge doesn’t require a filter system or filter head. It is designed to attach directly onto a water line, using push in fittings, click on house fittings or screw on fittings.

What Contaminants Can Water Filter Cartridges Remove?

Water filter cartridges can remove a wide range of contaminants including:

  • Sediment including sand, silt, rust, dirt, algae
  • Chlorine and chlorine by-products
  • Chloramines
  • Pesticides, herbicides
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Petrochemicals
  • PFAs
  • Cyst Parasites including cryptosporidium, Cyclospora, giardia
  • Bad tastes and odours
  • Heavy metals and much more

Filtration can also be used to correct water pH issues, reduce scale build-up and protect appliances like coffee machines.

If you are unsure about the filter cartridge you need to achieve your goals, get in touch today. We offer free expert advice and are happy to guide you towards the perfect solution.

Will I Need to Flush My New Water Filter Cartidge?


Generally, sediment filter cartridges don’t require flushing. The same goes for bag filters. Just drop them into your filter system and you can use them immediately.

Filter cartridges which contain carbon, polyphosphate, KDF, fluoride reducing media, or calcite can benefit from flushing. Flushing the filter will very fine particles and air bubbles from the filter.

To flush your cartridge, just open the tap on the top of your sink and then turn the water supply on. In most cases, you’ll only need to run 5 litres of water through the filter cartridge.

Whole house water filter systems will require slightly more flushing as they are larger units. Run 10-15 litres through your whole house unit to flush it.

Why Do Some Replacement Water Cartridges Use Silver Impregnated Carbon?

Silver impregnated carbon is bacteriostatic, which means it can kill or incapacitate bacteria.

Silver carbon is a great choice when using unchlorinated water which may contain bacteria. It’s also useful for situations where you may only be using a filter intermittently (it is left with water sitting inside it), like in a caravan or holiday home.

Also silver can prevent bacterial growth, it’s bacteriostatic capacity will decline over time. We always recommend that water filters be discarded after 2 years.

Do You Sell Replacement Water Cartridges For Coffee Machines?

Yes, we do.

We stock many water filter cartridges ideal for protecting coffee machines. This includes products from leading coffee filter manufacturers including Everpure, Brita, 3M and BWT. Check out our coffee water filters.

About Micron Ratings

What Does a Water Filter's Micron Rating Mean?

The micron rating of a water filter refers to the smallest particles it can remove from water. The smaller the micron rating, the smaller the particles it can remove.

For example, a filter that is 5 micron is capable of capturing particles as small as 5 micrometres in size (equal to 0.005 mm). A 20 micron filter can reduce particles down to 20 micrometres.

It’s important to note that micron rating doesn’t refer to the size of the filter or its contaminant capacity (how much it can hold).

What's the Difference Between Nominal and Absolute Micron Ratings?

A nominal rating means the filter will trap ‘most’ of the particulates at the specified size. A 5 micron nominal filter, for example might remove about 80% particulates at that size.

An absolute rated filter has been shown to trap at least 99.9% of of the particulates at the specified size.

This means an absolute rated filter can achieve the same results as a nominal filter that is much finer. A 10 micron absolute could remove the same amount of material as a 5 micron nominal.

Absolute filters are mostly used in situations where particulate removal is critical, in hospitals, laboratories, food production facilities, breweries etc. Most residential users are better off using a nominal rated filter as it is a more affordable option and still achieves fantastic results.

Does Micron Rating Affect Flow Rate?

Yes. When a filter has a very fine micron rating it becomes harder for water to pass through, so your flow rate may be affected. That’s why we usually recommend different types of filters when high flow rates are required.

To give you one example, we only recommend the WC04 (0.45 micron) for drinking water systems with a dedicated tap, where the flow rate only needs to be 2-3 litres per minute. For high flow situations where all of the water through a kitchen tap is filtered, we normally recommend something like the AP1025KDF/GAC (5 micron) as it can support faster flow rates.

Need Help? Get In Touch Today!

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