Dirt & Sediment Water Filters Standard Size 1025PS


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1025PS Poly-spun polypropylene sediment filters. These 9 3/4″ filters fit all standard 10″ filter housings.

Suitable to use as a single filter or as a pre-filter in twin systems. Reduces dirt, rust, algae etc…

High flow rate and excellent dirt holding capacity. Poly spun filters can also be used as Bio diesel filters for filtering cooking oil to make Bio Fuels.

Micron ratings available are 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 20 & 50 micron. You can also have mixed microns in your order simply by choosing mixed microns and make a note in the customer comments box in the checkout.

For extra fine filtration use 0.5 micron and for large particle reduction only use 50 micron, most suspended sediment will be reduced form 20 micron down.

Simply choose the micron filters you need from the Product Options in the drop down boxes.

1025PS0.5 – 0.5 micron replaces – GT2-0GA, 1025PS0.5Mic

1025PS1 – 1 micron replaces – GT2-1GA, PX011 , MB011, 1025PS1Mic, AP110, S-CCA-10 

1025PS5 – 5 micron replaces – AP110, GT2-2GA, PX051 , MB051, PF1005, Dura 1909965 5 micron, RW1173, Raymor 010555

1025PS10 – 10 micron replaces – GT2-7GA, PX101 , MB101, 1025PS10Mic

1025PS20 – 20 micron replaces – AP111, GT2-3GA, PX0201 , MB201, 1025PS20Mic

1025PS50 – 50 micron replaces – AP124, PX501, MB 501, 1025PS50Mic, AP124 

Dimensions are 250mm x 65mm

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