2045PW Pleated Washable Sediment Filter for 20″ x 4.5″ Filter Housings


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1 Micron, 5 Micron, 5 Micron Slimline, 10 Micron, 20 Micron & 50 Micron

2045PW Pleated Washable 20 inch x 4.5 inch Polyester Sediment Filter.

These filters will fit 20″ Big Blue & Big White filter housings.

Pleated polyester cloth cartridge with a large surface area give them excellent flow rates and service life.

Simply clean filter when flow starts to slow or filtration starts to drop. Easy to clean by simply using a garden hose and spraying off dirt.

Filters can be washed over & over and reused.

Available in 1 micron for extra fine filtration, 5 micron for most filtration applications, 10 micron is an extra heavy duty good all round filter & 20 micron for high sediment and large flow rate filtration. 50 micron for large course particles only. 

As a guide most suspended sediment will be reduced at 20 microns.

Choose the micron filters you need in the Product Options.

A good idea is to have a second filter as a spare this way you simply change the filters over each time.

Unicel is made in the USA and has White end caps

Pentair is made in Asia and has Blue end caps

Dimensions 510mm x 115mm

Replaces – IT002661, IT002662, PP 20LD2, PP 05LD2, R30-20BB, PPP-R30-BW20, PL20MP2, PL5MP2, GT2-24GA, K-40530, K-40430, K-40630, K-40730

These filters suit the PureTec HYBRID System;

  • 5 Micron Filter Suits G7 System (PL05MP2)
  • 20 Micron Filter Suits G9 System (PL20MP2)