Dirt and Sediment Water Filters

Dirt and Sediment Water Filters

Clarence Water Filters stocks a wide range of dirt and sediment filters designed to reduce contaminants including Dirt, Rust, Sand, Silt, Algae, Metal particles, Algae, and Yeast.

We also stock very fine specialist filters which can remove Bacteria, Endotoxins and other microscopic particles.

Dirt and Sediment Water Filter – Sizes

Dirt and Sediment filters are available in a range of lengths and diameters.

Most standard size sediment filters are 2.5″ in diameter which is around 63mm.

The 2.5” filters are available in a range of lengths from 5”, 9″ with the most common standard size being 10”, also available are 20”, 30” and 40” sediment filters.

Larger Jumbo big blue sediment filters are called 4.5” diameter filters and measure around 112mm in diameter.

The most common size in the Jumbo 4.5” filters are 10” around 248mm long or 20” around 508mm long.

Dirt and Sediment Water Filter – Micron Ratings

Sediments filters are available in a range of micron ratings. The lower the micron rating the finer the filtration will be.

At 20 microns most suspended sediment is removed. Filters can be nominal rated or absolute rated depending on the usage, but in most applications the standard nominal rated filters are used and are a lot cheaper to replace.

Dirt and Sediment Water Filter – Styles

The main types of sediments filters are:

  • Polyspun Disposable Sediment Filters
    Disposable filters made from food grade polypropylene. An affordable and reliable option for sediment removal. Most under sink systems will use standard 10″ x 2.5″ polyspun filters with a fine micron rating. Whole house water filter systems usually have 10″ x 4.5″, 20″ x 2.5″ or 20″ x 4.5″ polyspun sediment filters as their first stage.
  • String Wound Sediment Filters and Rope Filters
    Polypropylene and cotton string wound filters which are capable of handling higher temperatures. They are very useful for commercial applications.
  • Pleated Washable Filters
    Durable re-usable sediment filters designed to be washed several times. A great option for high sediment water as you it has more surface area, which means more sediment holding capacity.
  • Pleated Polypropylene Filters and Membranes
    Extremely fine filters used in food manufacturing, brewing, distilling, wine production, bottle washing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics manufacturing, medical facilities and laboratories. Can be as fine as 0.1 micron absolute, which allows them to take out bacteria and endotoxins (dead bacteria).
  • Bag Filters
    Polypropylene felt and nylon bags used in bag filter housings, ranging from 200 to 1 micron in fineness. Ideal for high flow rate scenarios and for removing larger sediment particles.

Sediment filters are used in a wide range of applications for removing Dirt, Sediment, Algae, Rust, Iron, Solids, Yeast, Beer Haze, and much more.

If you require help in choosing the right sediment filter for your situation please use the Quick Contact link below or call us on Phone 02 6646 8565. Use the links on the top of this page to view the different categories of sediment filters.