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Zip™ Water Filters

Zip Industries™ has a large product a range of water dispensers of home and office. The range includes Room temp, Chilled, Sparkling and boiling water options for domestic and commercial applications.

About Zip Industries™

Zip™ Industries is a proudly Australian-owned company that has been manufacturing instant water systems since 1947.

They are an innovative company which has consistently lead the field when it comes to water filtration technology.

The most popular Zip water heaters are the Mini Boil, Hydro Tap, Hydro Boil, Auto Boil, Hydro Tap G4, Sparkling water, on wall and above sink and commercial Hydro Tap systems.

Zip™ Replacement Filters

We stock a wide range of Zip replacement filters including: Zip 28001, Zip 28002, Zip 28005, Zip 51000, Zip 52000, Zip 53000, Zip 54000, Zip 55000, Zip 81001, Zip 81002, Zip 91240, Zip 91241 and Zip 91295 Sparkling

Also, the full range of Zip Global Plus Water Filter Cartridges: Zip 91289, Zip 91290, Zip 91291, Zip 91292, Zip 92321, Zip 93701, Zip 93702, Zip 93703, Zip 93705, and Zip ZGP 25s.

We also stock the popular Zip 91295 CO2 gas cartridges.

Use the links above to browse the Zip™ products we stock. If you need any assistance, please contact us at or give us a call on 02 6646 8565.