CWF ZIP 91240 Water Filter SAP-02


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CWF ZIP 91240 SAP-02 is a 0.5 Micron Replacement Water Filter Cartridge used in Drinking Water and Auto Boiling systems.

Suitable Substitute Replacement filter for the following water filters and systems 91240, CC-QZP91G, AX2-EF, CWFZP-91241, AX2-EFZP+GAC+ICE40g, SPA-02-5, Auto boiler, 91240, EV9300-16 , Pro 1500 series

The CWFZIP 91240 Cartridge will reduce Dirt, Rust, Sediment Particles, Chemicals, Chlorine.

Scale Inhibitor

0.5 Micron Triple Action Filter.

Cartridge recommended service life 6 months

This is a generic substitute filter.

Dimensions 250mm x 68mm

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so but in bulk and save.


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