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Pentair Everpure™ Water Filters

Pentair™ is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of water treatment and filtration systems. They operate several successful brands including Pentair Everpure™, a collection of high-quality filters for both residential and commercial applications.

Everpure™ was created by Pentair™ to provide customers with a simple, no-mess water filtration system. The filters are designed to be installed quickly with a simple twist into a filter head. It is a much easier installation process compared to most canister or inline filter systems.

Notably, Everpure ™is one of the few companies using metal filter casings. This, along with the high-quality filtration media used in their filters, is why Everpure™ has established a reputation for making world class products.

The Everpure™ range is massive, ranging from sediment filters to specialist filters capable of reducing scale and specific minerals. Their vast range meets the requirements of even the most discerning customers looking for an effective water filtration option.

Everpure filters can be used to reduce

• Chlorine, chloramines, and other contaminants which can affect the taste or odour of water
• Parasitic cysts and other harmful pathogens
• Particulate matter in water
• Scale build up
• Presence of heavy metals
• Calcium and other minerals
• And much more…

Pentair™ has released several innovations over the years including their patented Micro-Pure technology. This proprietary technology provides over six times more filter surface area compared to standard carbon block filters.

Everpure™ is particularly popular in the foodservice and hospitality industries, because of the quality, consistency, and reliability of their products. They are also useful in environments where sanitation is important, as internal filter components are never exposed to handling or contamination when being installed.

Everpure Pentair™ water filter cartridges are made in the USA and have a huge range of filter and some types of filters may have 3 different part numbers.

Replacement Everpure™ filters for Home, Office and Commercial Catering equipment.

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