Everpure ADC Water Filter EV9592-06 Replaces S-54 EV9720-06 0.5 Sub Micron Dual Action Filter


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Everpure ADC or EV959201 Water Filter Cartridge is a 0.5 Sub Micron Filter.

We now had the equivalent Everpure 2DC filter available at a discounted price.
This alternate filter has the same specifications as the ADC filter.

Everpure 2DC Filter

The ADC replaces the S-54 Water Filter EV9720-06 and has a better sediment control for a longer filter life.

Everpure ADC Capabilities

The Everpure ADC, EV959206 cartridge will reduce:

  • Dirt, Rust, and Sediment Particles
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Trihalomethanes (Disinfection by-products)
  • Parasitic Cysts including cryptosporidium, cyclospora, and giardia
  • Pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides
  • Chemicals
  • Bad taste/odour

Inhibits microbiological growth within the cartridge, which makes it ideal for caravans, RVs, and holiday homes, where the filter may only be in use for certain periods.

Produces water that is clear, clean, and delicious.

Everpure ADC Features

  • Fine 0.5 micron size
  • Fits standard Everpure QL series filter heads
  • All in one cartridge that tackles sediment and chemicals
  • Quick change filter which screws out like a lightbulb, making filter replacement simple
  • Does not remove naturally occurring minerals like calcium and magnesium
  • 12 month lifespan (varies based on water quality/usage)

Everpure ADC Compatibility

The ADC suits the following Everpure System Heads: QL1, QL2 and QL3.

ADC filter will replace the following Everpure filters and systems C-C-Eco Reg, WFA Pro1500-RC, S54, CS-65, RVPBS200, EV925208, Ac, EV9601-12, H-54, EV9252-66, S-54, EV9720-06, WFA-6, EV9302-12, RV, ADC, EV9592-01, ADC-6, EV9252-67,EV9618-01, EV9592-06, AC, EV959201, EV9252-67, EV959-206 Full timer used in RV, Caravans, Under kitchen sink filters etc..

(EV9592-06 is for a six pack of ADC filters which is not this listing)

Everpure ADC Specifications

  • Recommended use: Caravan, RV, Residential, Marine
  • Model number: EV959201
  • Micron Rating: 0.5 Micron Dual Action Filter sub micron filter.
  • Cartridge recommended service life: 12 months or 2835 litres
  • Flow Rate: 1.9 Litres per minute
  • Dimensions: 260mm x 78mm
  • Min Pressure: 10 psi (70 kPa)
  • Max Pressure: 125 psi (860 kPa)
  • Removes/reduces: Sediment, Chlorine, Bad taste/odour, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other chemicals
  • NSF Rating: 42 & 53
  • Bacteriostatic: Yes
  • Australian Standards: approved to AS/NZS 3497:1998
  • Domestic Type Water Treatment Appliances: Certificate No. PS08669



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