2045PS PolySpun Sediment 20″ x 4.5″ Filter


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2045PS Poly-spun filters 20 inch x 4.5 inch High sediment holding capacity .

Suit Big Blue and Big White filter housings used on whole of house, residential and commercial applications.

Poly-spun sediment filters reduce Dirt, Rust, Algae etc…

As a guide most suspended sediment is reduced at 20 microns.

These filters are available in 1 micron for very fine sediment, 5 microns for light sediment and 20 micron for heavy sediment areas.

Dimensions are 510mm x 114mm

Simply choose the micron size you need from the Product Options.

These can replace the following parts number

1 Micron, 2045PS1, MB01LD2, PX01MP2 (HYBRID-G9 System), DGD 5005-1 and Davey Microlene 1PS20J

5 Micron, 2045PS5, MB05LD2, PX05MP2, AP810-2, DGD 5005-5, 5PS20J

10 Micron, 2045PS10, MB10LD2, PX10MP2, AP810-2, DGD 5005-10, 10PS20J

20 Micron, 2045PS20,  MB20LD2, PX20MP2, AP811-2, DGD 5005-20, 20PS20J


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