Q5540 Omnipure


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Q5540 Omnipure 5 micron GAC screw-in replacement water filter.

Ideal for water supplies with low to medium sediment levels, 100% Pure Coconut Granular Activated Carbon [GAC] rated at 5 micron. Sediment, Chlorine, Chemicals, Taste and Odour reduction.

Replaces Q5528 and Q5533, HTR5533, HTR5540

Does NOT replace Q5540-60 filters which are Blue in colour

Service life 12 months or 2000 Gal [7,570L] depending on water quality.

Suits Omnipure quick change heads and some other branded heads with a screw in thread.

Dimensions are 265mm long x 65mm wide 58mm across the thread.

Made in USA.

These filters have an endless shelf life if unused, so buy in bulk and save.

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