ZIP 93704 Genuine MicroPurity Water Filter 2Z-LS 0.2 Micron

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Genuine ZIP 93704 is a 0.2 Micron MicroPurity Replacement Water Filter Cartridge.

Used in Commercial On wall Boiling Water products manufactured after April 2017

The ZIP 93704 Cartridge will Remove/Reduce Dirt, Rust, Sediment Particles, Chemicals, Chlorine, Scale, Lead and Bacteria growth.

Scale inhibitor to help stop scale build up and protect elements and boilers.

Cryptosporidium & Giardia.

0.2 Micron Triple Action Filter.

9463 litre capacity at  5.68 Lpm

Dimensions 275mm x 78mm

Made by Pentair Everpure in the USA



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